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Our Clients

Suran’s primary clients are religious and non-profit organizations. We also enjoy relationships with for-profit business in a variety of industries.

Any business, organization or individual who needs integrated data management, professional binding, finishing or mailing services, or a unique custom software solution is an ideal client for Suran.

Adapting Our Core Solutions To Meet Your Specific Needs 


Suran offers decades of experience in software development and delivery, operations, and custom development.


We specialize in taking our core products and services, which are inherently adaptable, and expanding them to fix new markets and client needs.

Deep Knowledge

We have deep domain knowledge in mass communication via email or physical mail, payroll calculations, non-profit accounting, data reporting for hierarchical organizations, and much more.

Cost Competitive 

Our clients are often cost-minded, and we work to provide competitive quotes and rates for any custom development. From simple reports to nation-wide data warehousing and segmented access, we will explore any job of any size.

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