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Suran Products and Services

Management Software For Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations

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First-Class Binding, Finishing, Mailing and Fulfillment Services

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Custom Data Solutions Built To Fit The Needs Of Your Mission

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Why Suran Integrated Solutions?

Align the unique strengths of technology with the human strengths of your organization

Whether your building and organizing a member database, accepting online gifts at Sunday service, or registering guests for a fall fundraiser, Suran delivers integrated solutions that minimize administrative tasks for you and your staff while providing a streamlined experience for your donors, members and clients.

Inspired. Innovative.

"CDM+ gives us the ability to focus on what is most important with the confidence everything else is covered.”

– Chris Kimbro –

King’s River

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– Kason Espinosa –

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– Angela Charlton –

CDM+ Features


Engage Online Giving

An easy and complete online giving solution for nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

Solutions Built For You

Suran offers decades of experience in software development and delivery, operations, and custom development. We specialize in taking our core products and services, which are inherently adaptable, and expanding them to fix new markets and client needs.

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